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You have found the Home Page for the Dirty Farmers Community Market. We are a non-profit organization that exists to provide farmers, producers, and artisans an opportunity to support the economic growth and food security of our community, provide education on healthy living and nutrition, and support other local non-profit groups. Please refer to our blog page for updates on classes and activities occuring through the market. We will be posting nutritional information as well as items that are being sold at the market to keep our community informed. You can also find us on Facebook as The Dirty Farmers Community Market. We are happy that you are interested in our organization and hope that you will find that we are here to serve the community.

Ephesus Tours From Istanbul

express-half-day-ephesus-tours-from-kusadasi-portIstanbul, one of the most fascinating metropolitan cities in the world, has seen the better and the worse parts of human history, and with its Asian and European quarters divided by Bosphorus Sea, has everything a tourist can find.

Your Ephesus Tours from Istanbul will be so refreshing after you experience the bustling city of Istanbul. The most unique element of the tour is that the whole tour is designed only for you; the places to visit, the pace of the tour, the language you prefer, and even down to the details as to what make of the vehicle or what kinds of soft drinks you desire are wholly up to you to decide.

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Camp Buildings Are Very Important Constructs

In the construction sector, a lot of firms are well – known about some special works. En Prefabric is a good and talented firm about especially prefabric constructs and similar jobs.

You can find some samples of previous works from the web site of them. One of the works is very interesting; camp buildings. This kind of jobs need special equipment and talented workers. So, the success come regularly after first jobs. Continue reading

Affordable Prefabricated Camp Buildings

Do not consider a prefabricated buildings as a temporary use , it is in the mean time a permanent settlement option. We offer you to settle a building in a short time with a very low cost. It is not a deal what kind or how big , since we are able to satisfy any requirement.

Prefabricated products have the option to be dismounted and mounted without any sophisticated machinery requirements. Our products are the best solutions for your camp buildings demands due to our various design alternatives. Continue reading

Practical and Affordable Housing

All authorities accept that prefabricated buildings are more practical, functional and safer than classical buildings today. Because it doesn’t have a long building duration like other classical buildings. Also you can put a prefabricated building in your land, and you can move it later in other land. This is possible. And there is not earthquake fear in this kind of builds. Continue reading

Piraziz Int. Mobility, Functionality and Speed

p_34_turkeyWe, as Piraziz Int. know that mobility, functionality and speed are very important notions of our times. We provide modern and practical solutions for rural or urban fields like site camps for general contracting projects, healthcare centers and hospitals, administration and office buildings, site camps for mining projects, site camps for oil and gas projects, freezer and cold rooms and military camps. Continue reading

We Build Comfort Durability And Safety: Prefabrik Yapı

prefabrik-yapi-970x372Prefabrik Yapı produces prefabricated buildings, containers, camp buildings like dormitories, dining halls, wc and showers, laboratories and military buildings, also other structures like cabins, prefabricated houses, ecological buildings and light steel buildings. We serve construction industry since 1989 and provide our products and services to Turkey and world. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery

DM Plastic Surgery is the website which helps you to get all the information regarding plastic surgery whether its types or price range. They guide you in each way so that you can discuss with your surgeon everything about your surgery and increase your knowledge if you are guiding somebody. On this website you will get even small information regarding your question. As trend of this surgery is increasing these days and most of the females are much interested to go for having it.

Effects of Surgery:

This website will guide you about different types of surgeries and their effects. There are many types of surgeries named are as under:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Otoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Face Lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Surgery
  • Hair Implants

These all are having for different purposes and DM Plastic helps you to know the effects of plastic surgeries before and after so that it has been clear in your mind whether or with which to go for a plastic surgery or also within affordable price range. The cost of undergoing this surgery is more or less same in USA. Price includes the fees of the surgeon, anesthetic, charges related to operation room and other related costs etc. The price depends upon the location of the clinic.


Cosmetic surgery is exclusively focus on enhancing the appearance through different surgical and medical techniques. It is performed in areas like neck, head and body. In comparison to that plastic surgery focus on reconstruction of different defects in faces and body of a person.